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senator in u.s. history died at the age of 29. tomorrow his body will be flown to charleston for a memorial service. the president and vice president are expected to attend. >> quick look at news from across the nation. a u.s. airways flight bound for charlotte returning to atlanta because there were maggots coming out of an overhead bin and falling on to passengers. u.s. air says a passenger brought spoiled meat on to the plane. the airline made sure no other bags were infested. the passenger with the bad meat had the meat taken away and was put on another plane. >> we didn't have -- >>> we didn't do anything wrong. people think i was giving away a baby. >> that bomb says she was the victim of a horrible bank saying someone posted the 10- month-old baby on craigslist for free. her name and number were pictured. authorities worry that the baby could be in danger. >>> this truck was able to make it through the 14-foot span, but it was the sprayer that took everything down. the historic bridge was part of a 23-mile walking trail. no one was hurt. >>> okay, it's the video that w
a judge on wednesday. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for a predawn suicide atalk on a u.s. compound in northern afghanistan. officials say six suicide bombers stormed compound killing at least four people and wounding dozens of others. in pakistan, security cameras captured two suicide bombers just as they set off explosions at a popular shrine. 42 people were killed there. 180 wounded. >> there was chaos everywhere. no one was there to help. everyone was running to save their own lives. >> the brazen attacks came on the same day that general david petraeus lands in the afghanistan capital to take command of the nearly 9-year- old war. >>> on the home front. the battle against the recession. new unemployment numbers suggest we are barely holding the line. 83,000 jobs were added but only half of what the economy needs just to keep the pace with population groat. more than 14 million americans are unemployed. 650,000 have actually given up and have stopped looking for work right now. >>> well, are you setting off fireworks this weekend? don't let what happened to a centervil
w >>> the taliban says tonight one of two missing u.s. navy man is dead. the other is being held captive. the two sailors went missing friday after they ran into taliban fighters on their way back to their military base. u.s. admiral mike mullin would not comment on the claim but said a massive search is still underway to find the missing sailors. >> we'll do everything we can. we have a large number of forces focused on the return of these two individuals. >> the sale lores' cap -- sailors' capture comes to a weekend when at least five u.s. troops have been killed in separate bomb attacks. >>> a change in leadership is about to occur at b.p. ceo tony hayward could be gone as early as tomorrow, monday. b.p.'s board of director is said to meet tomorrow morning. analysts say his departure is critical to u.s. relationship. >> the company cannot continue in its present state in america, and the only way of giving itself a fighting chance is to get rid of the boss. >> it won't leave empty hand. hayward is expected to receive a severance and pension package worth $17 million. managing director bob dutl
50 people were killed. the attack in baghdad comes as u.s. moves to withdraw all combat troops in iraq. some 150 sunni fighters lied up to collect pay when the bombers struck. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have signed a long awaited trade deal. the u.s. hopes the deal will increase the number of civilians working against the taliban and al-qaida and open more trade routes to india. >> i feel strongly that the pakistani government has become very serious about fighting terrorism within their own borders and working with afghanistan and the united states to try to stabilize the region. >> later this week clinton will meet with defense secretary robert gates in south korea for meetings with officials there. she will finish her travels with a trip to vietnam for more meetings. >>> still ahead tonight. an elderly man who ran so fast he burns his own feet. >>> plus, we are told why vincent grey thinks he should be dc's next mayor. >>> mother nature putting on a white show. this is the only show in town developed just
is pleading the fifth. the u.s. coast guard says the worker was piloting the tugboat when it slammed into the boat. the duck boat's crew radio and distress boat to the tug received no response. other people said they heard the distress calls. it forced 37 people into the delaware river and two were killed. >>> a homeowner decides to redirect its house with spray paint and the neighbors are none too happy with the new decor. >>> and i'm topper shutt. we stepped outside. we're kind of in between thunderstorms. we'll take up out with the wakeup weather. muggy to start. temps in the 70s. showers and thunderstorms will be possible. it looks like wet roads in the morning. we'll talk about whether or not you'll have wet roads in the evening and when the heat returns. >>> water main breaks are cause for concern when dc deals with some of the oldest in the region. how this may affect your pocket book. that is coming up next. i think everything tastes better in the summer. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits an
who returned to the u.s. this evening, call ution. the two men were -- us. the two men were part of the biggest spy with russia in the last 25 years and gary nurenberg was there when they touched down in dulles at about 5:30. >> reporter: the airplane that landed at dulles had taken ten russian spies to an airport car mack in austria parked behind a russian plane carrying four accused in the west. it arrived in washington believed to be carrying the two spies. they helped the united states identify russian spies robert hanson and the fbi and aims in the cia. >> in a political sense this is a win-win for both sides. from an intelligence perspective, i think the u.s. did really well. >> reporter: the author of a book about russian espionage says there is no end of spying. >> there is probably more russian espionage in the united states and more in russian that there was in the cold war simply because it's much easier. >> reporter: so the kind of spy swaps we saw today and thought were a part of the cold war past could be part of the future. >> thank you, gary. >>> metropolitan poli
. >> and it was marvelous, wasn't it? >> yes. >> proud to be american. >> u.s.a. >> we come back every year because it is amazing. >> reporter: spectators of all ages were amazed, delighted and awed. the 17-minute performance even impressed out of towners. >> new york has nothing on dc. >> reporter: and that's a new yorker talking. >> that's a new yorker talking. i'm from the west coast. this is glorious. glad to be here. >> i'm from india. i really liked it a lot. >> reporter: welcome. >> yes. >> reporter: come back again next year. >> yes, shoe. >> reporter: the washington monument and national mall weren't the only places where thousands of folks came by to celebrate uncle sam's 234th birthday. on the west lawn of the u.s. capital the 30th edition of the capital with an emotional tribute to america's wounded warriors. gladiesglads knight singing. and darius rutger singing as well. there were piano fireworks. reba mcintyre made this 4th of july special. >> reporter: and now you're looking at a live image of the washington monument and as you can see the crowd is pretty much dispersed now the clea
down. >> the bill did not pass. >>> the death of six more u.s. troops in afghanistan bring the total for july to at least 66 and that makes it the deadliest month for u.s. forces in the nearly 9-year-old war. casualties may climb even more as forces go on the offensive pushing further into taliban territory. >>> the u.s. soldier from potomac, maryland, charged with leaking military secrets is now sitting in a virginia military jail tonight. private bradley manning was flown from kuwait to a marine base to await trial. he is believed to be responsible for the leak of tens of thousands afghanistan war logs that were posted on a website. also accused of releasing chopper video of a 2007 firefight in baghdad that left two dead. >>> tonight b.p. is scaling back its cleanup operations more than two weeks after stopping the blown out oil well from gushing. according to b.p.'s website more than 40,000 people were employed at one point in response to the spill about three weeks ago. today that number is below 33,000. but local officials worry millions of gallons of oil still in the gulf while
or u.s. senators. >> it's about 270 innocent souls that lost their lives. that's the story. >> reporter: still family members would like to know if bp helped free the man who killed their loved ones. a senate committee will be asking next week. >>> the top cop in prince george's county believes his officers have taken a serial killer off the streets. he is the prime suspect in a pair of mother-daughter murders last year in largo. the victims delores dewitt and her daughter ebony. karen lofton and her daughter karissa. this man, they believe, has a lot more blood on his hands. >> by the time you actually find out what this person is all did about, you'll see that -- all about, you'll see this is one of america's most famous criminals that they're going to be responsible in identifying. >> police are not releasing the man's name just yet, not until he's formally charged. but according to court records, he has a history of charges including armed robbery, assault, burglary and sex crimes. >>> ruth rowan is a mom on a mission. she wants to get a particular driver off the road and make the s
, boats and airplanes as he dodged u.s. law enforcement since escaping from a halfway house in washington state two years ago. the 19-year-old arrived in the bahamas nearly a week ago. he crashed a stolen plane that he taught himself to fly. >> the suspect in an effort to evade capture engaged local police in a high-speed chase by boat in water. >> harris moore was flown under police escort to nassau, where he remains in custody tonight. police recovered a gun and other evidence at the time of his arrest. >>> tonight, the charles county sheriff's office is investigating the death of a boater who went missing on the potomac this afternoon. the boater disappeared near the aqua land marina. his body was recovered a short time later by search crews from the sheriff's office and maryland national resources -- natural resources. police haven't released his name because they're trying to notify his relatives. he was in his 60's. they do not suspect foul play in his death. >>> still ahead tonight, b.p. crews try to install a new, tighter cap on that gushing oil leak. >>> a state trooper thinks he
to the eastern shore and atlantic beaches. >>> in other news tonight, two u.s. naviy service members are missing prompting a has save -- a massive air and ground search. the pair may have been killed or captured by the taliban, afghanistan officials say. meantime bombers in southern afghanistan today killed five american troops. four of the victims died in a single blast. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> hundreds of people took part in a ceremony at arlington national ceremony today. the event was part of a weekend of remember brans for families who lost -- rememberer rans for people who lost loves ones. they keep in touch through a computerized gold star registry. weekend events included a dinner at six flags america. >>> ships are heading back to work to contain the oil in the gulf now that tropical storm bonny is gone. dozens of vessels were forced from the area of the broken oil well yesterday as the storm bore down. the temporary cap that contained most of the oil for eight days held during that storm. >> our confidence is increasing that we have better integrity in the well because of the testi
how long the heat will last. >>> passing on information about u.s. policy against cuba. myers' wife was sentenced to more than five years in prison for helping him. the couple worked for 30 years as agents for cuba. >>> president obama is condemning the twin terrorist bombings at a mosque in iran. ironnian authorities say the bombing was carried out by a sunni group. >>> a hotel fire in iraq killed at least 29 people for them americans. 20 others are hurt. it broke out about 160 miles outside baghdad. investigators believe an electrical short is to blame. >>> tonight, police are investigating another boat accident that sent five people to the hospital. this one happened this afternoon on the road in boston. the company's gm says a piece of radio equipment became dislodged and jammed onto the brake pedal and there was a six- car accident. about 30 people were on board at the time of the crash. last week two people died when auto boat sank in philadelphia after a tug slammed into it. >>> and caught on tape in new york, a driver runs down a cop pinning him between a car. for some reaso
. >> thanks. be cool. >>> the u.s. army is bringing charges against an american soldier accused of leaking a military video of a deadly attack in iraq. army specialist bradley manning of potomac is suspected of leaking this video. manning is now being held in kuwait and is charged with releasing classified data and putting national security at risk. the army says a military version of a grand jury hearing will determine in manning should face a trial via court martial. >>> well, it's become a painfully familiar scene. friends and family mourning a life court short by violence. tonight more than 100 gathered to say goodbye to joshua hopkins. a college student murdered over the weekend. andrea mccarren reports from the hill where hopkins had been a congressional intern. >> reporter: in 2008, joshua hopkins spent the summer interning for pennsylvania congressman. the congressman said of all of his interns, no one stood out like joshua. he says the teenager was willing to do the hard work necessary to succeed in life. he calls his death a horrible tragedy. just steps from this vigil, joshua ho
-old was a hardworking landscaper. >> he always dedicated to work. >> reporter: he says resino's came to the u.s. from honduras with his older siblings. he was found just after 5:00 saturday morning in the 1,000 block of quebec terrace. authorities say a passerby saw the body lying right here outside where he lived and then called police. >> there was evidence of trauma to his upper body. we're classifying this right now as a suspicious death. and we're waiting on the outcome from the autopsy. >> reporter: while detectives are waiting for official word on the cause of death from the medical ander and -- medical examiner and stopping short of calling this a homicide, family and friends are not. >> i don't believe how this happened. the way he got killed, it's like somebody really hate him. >> reporter: campos says people who saw the body describe it as a gruesome stabbing. he says he captured video of his cell phone of police removing his friend's body. >> when people saw the body, they say he was hit on the face. on the side of the head. like they put him into the wall. >> do you know anyone who would
that operates on warm and land. that means the vessels face annual inspections by the u.s. coast guard and the dc government. >> in the morning, we're under these. got to make sure every plug is in place. you check all that stuff before you even drive out onto the street. >> reporter: jim nichols has been a boat captain for 17 years, the last decade aboard the dc duck. >> so let's say, for some reason, water was coming into the hold. there's an alarm that sets off. that will knock you out of your seat up here. that way, you know something's up. >> reporter: minutes after the accident in philly, barry roland got on board the dc duck, undaunted. >> jim talk to us about safety, keep our legs an arms in. here's the life jackets, what we do for the kids. so i felt completely safe. >> reporter: to earn a captain's license, an operator must have 360 documented days of sea time an take a rigorous coast guard test. >> the coast guard test is as rough as the lsat or the sat or any test i've ever taken. it's tough. it took me eight hours. >> reporter: and before any dc tour boat cruises the river
's largest oil skimmer. the u.s. coast guard and bp are watching tests to see if the ship with live up to its promise of processing 21 million gallons of oil fouled water a day. meantime, terrell brown is in a small alabama town where a special 4th of july celebration is already underway. >> reporter: jamie almost went to jail protecting his small alabama town after the oil spill. >> you could have gone to jail performs oh, yeah. it was violating federal order. >> reporter: he's chief of the volunteer fire department. he vowed to protect the people of his town. >> i didn't care if it was sweet crude, sour crude, white, black, or yellow crude, i didn't want it in my river. >> reporter: days after the spill, he implemented his idea without permission. two barges blocked rough waves and containment booms stopped oil from coming inland. at a cost of $50,000 a week, the plan won't last much longer. >> i don't know because the oil isn't going away any time soon. >> reporter: bp hopes it can speed up that process in the gulf. testing is underway on a whale, the largest self-proclaimed oil skimmer in
. this has gone on with u.s. and britain with promising results. but critics are worried no clinical trials have taken place in kids. >> now that is the key point then. if there is no clinical trials for kids, why give kids the drugs? >> a lot of adult medications have not been tested in kids and originally viagra was used for an jie na. they figured it helps with erectile dysfunction too. a key blood vessel as closed off at birth. again, it's a blood flow problem. oxygen is not getting through the body and viagra helps the kids. they say they're going to start clinical trials but they're trying it for a life-threatening disorder. >> and don't have much other help. >> exactly. >> thanks. i appreciate that. >>> the grand jury has indicted one of two men in the murder of a state trooper. the suspect is anthony milton. he now faces a charge of first degree murder. milton provided the gun used to kill trooper brown. >> you can be held accountable even if you don't actually pull the trigger. if you're part of the team that commits the crime, you can be held accountable for the result. >> cyril w
of being secret agents including three of them in arlington, virginia. the u.s. justice department and the fbi spent nearly a decade gathering the evidence against some of these defendants in this case. >>> authorities say they have been able to decode some of those secret messages from those secret agents and oddly enough those messages were posted right on the internet. this is how the spies were able to hide their communication in plain site. >> reporter: it's called stegonography. >> it means hiding a file within a file. >> joe harding says it's a century old technique with a high-tech twist. >> it really is a way to hide information and unless you're really looking for it specifically you aren't going to see it. >> here is how it works. digital files including pictures are made up of the series of ones and zeros. it's a code that tells the computer what a picture looks like. a stenography program can attach extra data to an image without changing the picture. if you use the right program to decode data from this picture, the washington monument, you'll see a map of an airport.
three weeks long, wedged in between wimbledon and the u.s. hard court season means the playoff push is now. castles need to beat anna cornacova. the castles crushed anna in her two events. bobby reynolds playing mens singles against pavel in black there. watch the drop shot he tries here and reynolds tracks it down and smacks the winner across court. castles take the nats 19-17 and season finale tomorrow in boston. mystics hosting the atlanta dream this morning. yes, this morning. former turf crystal langhorn has been the star. she had 24 and 15 today, six wins, and they are now in a tie for first place. the redskins made it clear. they have no intention of making donovan mcnabb and terrell teammates again. the two played in philly for a couple years and had the falling out but they seem to have mended their fences. mcnabb and owens were buddy buddy as they were reunited as teammates tonight on the tv show pros versus joes. mcnabb and owens were the joes taking on former nba stars in basketball. here is mcnabb. did you see him lay out rick foster in the introductions? the basketball
. >>> the u.s. coast guard has released a chilling audio tapes from the final moments before a deadly duck boat crashed in philadelphia. >> ferry, ferry, ferry. whoa, whoa, whoa. >> this is freedom. we have people in the water. it looks like they got run over by a barge. one of the duck boats. i'm going to pick them up. >> the crash along the delaware river sent 37 people into the water earlier this month. two tourists from hungary died. other victims suffered injuries but recovered. the tapes are now part of a federal investigation into the accident. >>> in chicago, police are looking for a gunman wanted for killing nine people at a bus stop. witnesses say the man opened fire from an suv last night. three of the victims suffered serious to critical injuries. officers believe the shooting was in retaliation for another shooting earlier in the night. >>> tonight a florida teenager is in the hospital after being shot in the neck by a spear gun. the victim was driving a boat towing two friends in the water. each had a rope in one hand and a spear gun in the other. of course one of those guns
for life. >>> step back boston, seattle, san francisco. there is only one smarter town in the u.s. and you're looking at it. the washington region has more college graduates, more professional and postgraduate degrees than any other community in the country. and we had no trouble going out and finding plenty of smart folks. >> what element has the chemical symbol k? >> potassium. >> oh, my gosh. >> what is the theorem. >> do you have any idea who that is. >> john adams. >> it looks like john quincy adams. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm surprised too. well, it was the suburbs. in fact, it put us over the top. arlington is number one, nearly 70% of them have college degrees. alexandria has got 60%. montgomery county just over 25. more than half graduated from college. >> nice. >> very nice. >> we always knew that. >>> let's talk about the weather because the heat is not going to go away, is it, top. >> it's really not. we're looking at a string of 90s coming our way. no heat advisories but if you want to exercise, i would do that in the morning. we're talking mid 90s tomorrow. heat index will approa
wehelie's permanent passport was revoked and the only way he can get it back is to pay the u.s. embassy in egypt $3,000 for the cost of room and board accumulated while he was being detained there. as for the no fly list, the fbi typically does not comment regarding names on the list. >>> tonight investigators in india say they cannot rule out sabotage in a train crash that has killed at least 61 people. [ yelling ] >> mass confusion thee as a speeding express train plowed into a stationary passenger train early this morning. that crash so powerful it sent the roof of one car flying into an overpass. people crawled over the twisted wreckage trying to free survivors before the rescue crews could even get there but the heavy equipment needed to cut through the medal. 125 others were hurt in the crash. the death toll will almost certainly rise. >>> in china, more than 120 people are dead and 40 are missing after rain flooded the country. high waters have affected more than 38 million people, destroyed 120,000 homes and claimed 150 lives. southern and central china have been the areas worst
years in the u.s. senate. >>> a soldier from fredericksburg, virginia, is the latest local casuality in iraq. morgan mcbeth was killed last friday. she was not killed by enemy fire. she died in a "non-combat incident". she was assigned to the first special troops battalion first brigade combat team at fort bragg. >>> now to the war in afghanistan where american forces are taking orders from their new leader, general david patraeus now in command. he took control in a special 4th of july ceremony and is in charge of 130,000 international forces. he plans on turning around the war in afghanistan the same way he did in iraq. >> we must demonstrate to the afghan people and to the world that al qaeda and its network of extremist allies will not be allowed to once again establish sanctuaries in afghanistan. >> right now, the white house is sticking by its plan on pulling troops out starting a year from now. some critics have said setting a time line like that only emboldens the enemy. >>> in the gulf of mexico, rough seas are hampering the oil clean up. conditions have also limited testing
fascination with cold war spies. the movie coincides with russian spies right here in the u.s.. today the movie opened at theaters nationwide and as brittany morehouse quickly learned, it is enjoying a perfect storm of publicity. she is live at the regal in rockville. hey, brittany. >> reporter: hello. talk about a jackpot with timing. theaters opening for that salt movie, and, yes, even here in rockville people are swarming to see it. many of those stem from real interest in a real russian spy case. coincidence? maybe? we talked to an expert, a film professor at the university of maryland and he says, do you know what, this happens a lot actually starting with that legendary film the china syndrome. a 1979 film released just 12 days before the 3-mile island accident. >> the worst nuclear power plant accident of the atomic age. >> reporter: two decades later alley yis alias. >> they say 52 here in new york. >> reporter: now we have salt. >> and you are a russian spy. >> reporter: on the heels of a bona fide russian spy rant. isn't that interesting? >> the interesting thing is that it
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